How to user plug-in "Messenger plugin"?

Added by sean chan over 8 years ago

I deployed this plugin "Messenger plugin" in my Redmine system , and I want to send messages to Openfire,but it wasn't working ....

I created a user in Openfire named 'redmine',and its jid is '',password is 'redmine'.(Openfire's client port is 5222)
then I update my plugin's yaml file "messenger.yml" like:
development: &development
type: xmpp4r
password: redmine
port: 5222
ssl: false
debug: false

type: mock
<<: *development

I can load the redmine without any error,But I don't know how to send messages to users via Openfire when I create a issues on Redmine,what should I do to get it done ? is there anyone who could help :O__O"…...thanks first...