Using the Embedded-Plugin for doxygen documentation

Added by Arne Nordmann about 8 years ago

Hi Redminers.

I plan to integrate a rather big doxygen documentation into my Redmine Collaboration Environment. When searching for this integration, the EmbeddedPlugin seems to be the module of choice. However I find it hard to understand, how this actually works.
The plugin documentation reads that basically the Embedded Plugin allows to integrate a bunch of HTML files to Redmine. But how is the actual doxygen documentation rendered?

Do I render the doxygen documentation myself and then just put in in the specified folder for the Embedded Plugin? If this is the case, what do I do with the configuration "Default template"?

My understanding is the following:
- If I can specify a template, it means that Redmine uses the template to then render the doxygen automatically. But I don't find this feature in the Plugin documentation.
- If the Plugin doesn't render the doxygen documentation but only displays the by-hand-rendered doxygen HTML files that I copied to the Plugin folder, then what is the template used for?

Hope that you can resolve my confusion. Thanks in Advance,