Question about Change Author Plugin

Added by Falcon Wood almost 2 years ago

I upgraded our Redmine Environment from 2.x to 3.3 for some features needed, but I noticed that our usual change author plugin was deprecated since 2.5. I needed to migrate our app for some feature improvements, but I noticed that there is a lot of talk about the change author plugin and a feature request. Can some one help me out here. Here is what I found...

The change author plugin has fallen to a deprecated status by the code maintainers. You can see here that the changelog was not updated for 2+ years.

I am researching it here. But the compatibility report states the 2xx was the last version release which is over 2 years old as well for another version

This has been logged in the change log as a request but

Is it even possible to do this in 3.3.0 ? I cannot determine if this was added to the app, if there are any working plugins, if its even a considered feature. Info is all over the place. Please help!