redmine_ckeditor : migrate note block

Added by Mathieu M over 1 year ago


I'm sorry to my bad english.

I have upgrade redmine 2.5.1 (any plugin) to 3.3.1 with the new install.
I restore the database and file.

Redmine 3.3.1 is UP.
I installed several plugins including the ckeditor plugin in version 4.5.10

It is functional by activating it but my old notes that was in TEXTILE mode ( have the layout down

I want to migrate these notes. I have a problem to migrate the old textile pages to CK_editor.

I followed the procedure below


I first try to migrate one of my 3 projects but I see that the syntax for filtering the project does not work.

In the database, the project ID is 10

*************************** 3. row ******************** *******
                Id: 10
              Name: 02-Infrastructure and Architecture

************************************************** ******


Rake redmine_ckeditor: migrate RAILS_ENV = production [PROJECT = 10] [FORMAT = textile] to [HTML] --trace

(In /var/www/redmine/redmine-3.3.1)
** Invoke redmine_ckeditor: migrate (first_time)
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
** Execute redmine_ckeditor: migrate
*** WARNING ***
It is strongly recommended to backup your database before migration, because it can not be rolled back completely.
Projects: ALL
Migration: textile to html
Do you want to continue? (Type 'y' to continuous): y
Project 01-Operation and service center
Migrating issues ... done
Migrating journals ... done
Migrating messages ... done
Migrating wiki ... (887/3037)

Can you please help me ?