Ressource management / task scheduling

Added by André Jueterbock about 1 year ago

Dear colleagues,

we are using redmine for 2 years now in a midsize company with around 50 users and are quite happy with it. Special about our project landscape is, we have rather simple and short projects, but a big number of them. It more and more turns out to be hard to see the overview off all the tasks and tickets. Especially in relation to our limited capacity of working hours of the employees.

Our core-users have a number of around 150 open assigned tasks and the genuine redmine-indicators and fields are not enough to explain to the user, which one of them is the most important and is demanded to be solved first.

We are searching for tool, which strings together the quantity of open issues to a chain of pearls, where tickets solving is demanded from the users, one after another.

If giving redmine the information of our maximum available working hours per week, it should be possible for redmine to forecast the total duration until all tickets will be solved.

As far as today, we found the following search words similar or somehow associateable with our problem: Kanban board, ressource planning, schedules tool. We found the quite old "schedules tool" from bread beatty, that is a simple reflection of what we are looking for and allready about 10 years old. The modern interpretation seems to be part of the "easy-redmine" software package. There is a video in the internet, which shows a great functionality and also comfortable usability by drag and drop.

My questions:
- Does somebody know a reasonable solution to our requirements described above (ressource management / scheduling)?
- Did anyone of you succeed to ad the ressource-management of easy-redmine as a plugin to his standard redmine environment?

We just can´t believe there is only the two bread beatty and easy-redmine who are confronted with some similar problems as we do.

Any help is higly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.