Validations (custom fields) on time entry

Added by RENZO MEJIA REYES over 2 years ago

Help, I am starting on ruby, I want any validations with custom fields and values on model time entry

My code:

  def validate_time_entry
    errors.add :custom_field_values, :invalid if custom_field_values == 'Normal'
    errors.add :hours, :invalid if hours && (hours < 0 || hours >= 1000)
    errors.add :project_id, :invalid if project.nil?
    errors.add :issue_id, :invalid if (issue_id && !issue) || (issue && project!=issue.project) || @invalid_issue_id
    errors.add :activity_id, :inclusion if activity_id_changed? && project && !project.activities.include?(activity)

Doesn´t work

Sorry for my english, thanks