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Japanese Emoticon characters cause error in issue desc and journal

Added by Matthew Paul about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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When I add the following string to a new issue or the journal note for an issue it throws an error. Looking at documentation here I believe it is to do with the fact that my Bitnami stack creates the tables in mysql utf8 which is 3 byte not 4 byte. This given, could we patch or add code or an option so that, in that case, it simply converts any bad characters to ? - I see code that does that anyway so I'm not sure why that isn't happening automatically.

The text is this -

Here is the character that causes a problem with mysql utf-8 tables


#1 Updated by Matthew Paul about 1 year ago

Sorry, it seems like it is already removing that character here. I can try again -

Character is a scowling smiley face emoticon here>>>

#2 Updated by Matthew Paul about 1 year ago

Sorry, again, in fact this does seem like a bug. Even here logging it in redmine it doesn't just change it to ? it actually cuts off everything after that bad character. Which seems wrong. The 4 byte encoded character is -


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Please ask bitnami team.

#4 Updated by Matthew Paul about 1 year ago

Adding good info from a forum message in case anyone else is searching issues -

Deoren Moor
Some related issues: #24992, #21398

#21398#note-10 in particular goes into a good level of detail.

We experience this with scraped emails (they're rejected) and attempts to post to an issue via the web UI (500 server error).

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