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h2. Developer guide

h3. General development

* [[Rest_api|Redmine REST API]]
Subversion instructions can be found on the usual [[Download|download]] page and checking-out URL's on the [[CheckingoutRedmine|checkout-page]]
* [[RedmineGitTracking|Using the Git Tracking Branch]] -- an alternative if you use Git
* Creating and applying [[Patch|patches]]
* An [[ReleaseManagement|explanation]] of what changes may be in future Redmine releases
* A description of the content of both the [[Plugin List|Redmine plugin list]] and the [[Theme List|Redmine theme list]] can be found at the "[[ExtensionListInfo|extension list info]]" page

h3. Plugin development

* A step-by-step [[Plugin_Tutorial|tutorial]] on writing a Redmine plugin
* An incomplete list of available [[Hooks|plugin hooks]]
* The internal handling of Redmine plugins on the [[Plugin_Internals|plugin-internals]] page

h3. Theme development

* A howto ([[HowTo create a custom Redmine theme]]) which explains how to create a custom Redmine theme