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h2. Developer guide

h3. General development

* [[Rest_api|Redmine REST API]]
* [[Contribute#Code Related|Code related topics]] [[Download#Latest-source-code|Download page section]] for instructions to checkout the source code
* Creating and applying [[Patch|patches]]
* An [[ReleaseManagement|explanation]] of what changes may be in future Redmine releases

h3. Plugin development

* A step-by-step [[Plugin_Tutorial|tutorial]] on writing a Redmine plugin
* A description of the [[Plugin_Internals|internal handling of Redmine plugins]]
* A description of the [[Hooks|Redmine plugin hooks API]]
* An incomplete [[Hooks_List|list of available Redmine plugin hooks]]

h3. Theme development

* A howto ([[HowTo create a custom Redmine theme]]) which explains how to create a custom Redmine theme

h3. Alternative/Custom Authentication

* A howto ([[Alternative/custom authentication HowTo]]) for implementing authentication against a different database.