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h1. Wikis

h2. Créer une nouvelle page Wiki

Comme dans chaque wiki, ajouter simplement un lien vers la page que vous voulez créer.

Enregistrez la page et cliquez sur ce lien: vous avez créé une nouvelle page wiki appelée "MyNewWikiPage". &quot;MyNewWikiPage&quot;

h2. Créer une barre latérale (side bar)

Le contenu de la page wiki appelée 'Sidebar' est affichée dans la bare latérale s'il existe.

. Permission to edit protected pages is required to create this page

h2. Creating sub-pages (parent/child relationships)

(From the [[FAQ]]).

Looking at it is possible to make use of some sort of sub-paging like:
> * Guide
> ** RedmineAccounts
> ** RedmineCustomFields
> ** RedmineInstall
> ** RedmineIssueList
> ** RedmineIssues

This can be accomplished by assigning a parent page to a to-be child-page. This assignment can be done via the @rename@ dialog.
Thus, create both the child- and parent-pages and then open the to-be child-page and click "rename", then enter the name of the parent page.

h2. Text formatting

See [[RedmineTextFormatting]].

h2. Protecting a wiki page

If you have the permission to protect wiki pages, you can click on !/images/locked.png! *Lock*.

A locked wiki page can only be edited by users who have the permission to protect wiki page.
It can be unlocked by those users by clicking !/images/unlock.png! *Unlock*.

h2. Wiki page history

Redmine keeps a record of every change made to a wiki page. You can view the list of these changes by clicking on !/images/history.png! *History*.

p=. !history.png!

To view a specific version of the page click on its number.

p=. !page_version.png!

You can revert a page to a previous version by clicking on !/images/cancel.png! *Rollback to this version*, then *Save*.