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h1. RedmineTimelogDetails


h2. Introduction

After building a set of time entries through Redmine the *Timelog Details* page can help show running totals of time against a project.

h2. Searching

Shares the same search interface as [[RedmineTimelogReport]]


h2. h3. Results

By default the detail time log shows *all time* entries in the system.

From top to bottom in the image
* Total time result of the search
* pagination table of time entries
** sortable columns
* Atom and CSV format available

Notice the bottom line has no issue, it was logged against the project.

Links work the same as the rest of the wiki; closed issues have strike through applied to them.

h3. HTML output


h3. CSV output

A sample CSV output of the above time entries (and attached):

|_. Date |_. User |_. Activity |_. Project |_. Issue |_. Tracker |_. Subject |_. Hours |_. Comment |
|09/24/2010|Test Developer|Testing|Developers|10|Bug|Bug Report from Test user|0.333333|make sure the changes work|
|09/23/2010|Test Developer|Development|Developers|10|Bug|Bug Report from Test user|1.0|Doing the actual coding|
|09/23/2010|Test Developer|Implementation|Developers|11|Feature|Build a bridge|2.0|showing a closed issue|
|09/22/2010|Test Developer|Research|Developers|10|Bug|Bug Report from Test user|0.333333|what are the problems with this bug|
|09/22/2010|Test Developer|Design|Developers|10|Bug|Bug Report from Test user|1.0|Designing an elegant solution|
|09/21/2010|Test Developer|Support|Developers| | | |1.0|Create this project and demo issue|