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h1. Redmine Security Advisories

This page lists the security vulnerabilities that were fixed in Redmine releases, starting from 1.3.0. If you think that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by sending an email to: @security(at)

|_. Severity|_. Details|_. Affected versions|_. Fixed versions|
|\3{padding:1em}. Fixed in Redmine version:2.2.1, version:2.1.6, version:1.4.6|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":|All prior releases| version:2.2.1, version:2.1.6, version:1.4.6|
|\3{padding:1em}. Fixed in Redmine version:2.1.2|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|XSS vulnerability|2.1.0 and 2.1.1|version:2.1.2| 2.1.1|
|\3{padding:1em}. Fixed in Redmine version:1.3.2|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Persistent XSS vulnerability (referenced as "JVN#93406632":, "CVE-2012-0327":|All prior releases|version:1.3.2| releases|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Mass-assignemnt vulnerability that would allow an attacker to bypass part of the security checks|All prior releases|version:1.3.2| releases|
|\3{padding:1em}. Fixed in Redmine version:1.3.0|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Vulnerability that would allow an attacker to bypass the CSRF protection|All prior releases|version:1.3.0| releases|