Latest projects

  • Indigo-Cairo (2011-03-29 22:07)

    This project provides a renderer for Indigo scenegraphs via the Cairo toolkit.

  • Indigo-X11 (2009-11-25 20:54)

    This project provides a renderer for Indigo scenegraphs. The current render is able to output to X11 and XRender.

  • Guardian (2009-11-25 20:53)

    Guardian is a sophisticated multi-hypothesis tracking API. As some of the information contained in the project is potentially export restricted, the API is provided upon request only and will only be provided to US persons.

  • Xylon (2009-11-25 20:30)

    The Xylon projects is an attempt to provide a XSD code generator with a small runtime library.

  • Inquest (2009-11-25 20:29)

    The inquest project is a simple project to execute unit tests. The unit tests are each executed within their own process and the test reports are saved in XML format.
    Inquest is used by us for all projects with the exception of Canopy and Timber, since Inquest depends on those two itself....