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Version 1 (Marius BALTEANU, 2022-03-28 21:58) → Version 2/5 (Marius BALTEANU, 2022-05-17 00:11)

h1. Changelog 5.0.x

h2. version:5.0.1 (2022-05-16)

h3. [Administration]

* Defect #36932: Handle nil return of Redmine::Themes.theme(Setting.ui_theme) in Redmine::Info.environment

h3. [Attachments]

* Defect #37053: Attachments are lost when the status of the ticket is changed

h3. [Documentation]

* Defect #36862: Duplicate v5.0.0 section in Changelog
* Defect #36863: Missing v4.2.5 section in Changelog

h3. [Email notifications]

* Defect #36909: Mentions not working if status is changed

h3. [Email receiving]

* Defect #37030: Requests fail with "Can't verify CSRF token authenticity" in mail handler

h3. [Gems support]

* Defect #36892: Redmine does not start when installed --without markdown

h3. [I18n]

* Defect #36998: Revert lazy loading of i18n files introduced in Redmine 5.0

h3. [Rails support]

* Patch #36917: Update Rails to 6.1.6

h3. [Security]

* Patch #36912: Update Nokogiri versions to fix two critical CVE's

h3. [Text formatting]

* Defect #36958: Crafted input breaks CommonMark Markdown formatter

h3. [Translations]

* Patch #36905: German translation update for 5.0-stable
* Patch #36930: Bulgarian translation update for 5.0-stable
* Patch #36934: Russian translation update for 5.0-stable
* Patch #37003: Czech translation update for 5.0-stable
* Patch #37024: Galician translation update for 5.0-stable
* Patch #37025: Polish translation update for 5.0-stable

version:5.0.0 (2022-03-28)

h3. [Accounts / authentication]

* Feature #30998: Add an rake task to prune registered users after a certain number of days
* Feature #31920: Require 2FA only for certain user groups
* Feature #33345: Include an authentication method name in LDAP connection error messages
* Feature #35001: Disable API authentication with username and password when two-factor authentication is enabled for the user
* Feature #35439: Option to require 2FA only for users with administration rights
* Feature #36825: Increase email address length limit from 60 to 254

h3. [Administration]

* Defect #35421: Unhandled exception when a YAML syntax error is detected in configuration.yml
* Feature #32116: Add configured theme to Redmine::Info
* Feature #35562: Show warning in admin/info when there are pending migrations
* Feature #35934: Show 2FA status in users list from administration with option to filter
* Feature #36391: Change the default value for "Time span format" from "decimal" to "minutes"

h3. [Attachments]

* Defect #35539: Race condition (possible filename collision) in Attachment.disk_filename
* Feature #32898: PDF thumbnails support on Windows
* Feature #35462: Download all attachments in a journal

h3. [Code cleanup/refactoring]

* Defect #31132: Remove unused column trackers.is_in_chlog
* Defect #36149: Typo in CSS class for lists expander icon
* Defect #36361: IssueRelationsControllerTest#test_bulk_create_should_show_errors randomly fails
* Defect #36394: Avoid passing ActionController::Parameters outside of MailHandlerController
* Feature #34337: Remove jQuery Migrate
* Feature #35259: Output test coverage report to the console
* Feature #35671: Move subtasks section on issues show view into a separate partial
* Patch #15118: Deprecate and rename rss_* methods to atom_* methods
* Patch #31035: Remove redefinition of ActionMailer::LogSubscriber#deliver which is no longer necessary because of the removal of Setting.bcc_recipients
* Patch #32922: Reload detached attachments
* Patch #33079: Remove unused argument from Redmine::Helpers::TimeReport
* Patch #33337: Clean-up workflows controller
* Patch #34976: Add missing fixtures to TimeEntryCustomFieldTest
* Patch #35024: System test fails in Windows due to "/" path separator
* Patch #35026: Remove rake task check_parsing_by_psych
* Patch #35031: Remove deprecated code that are supposed to be removed in Redmine 5
* Patch #35075: Use named routes in base layout and account sidebar
* Patch #35076: Menu manager - generate correct URLs when rendering from a namespaced controller
* Patch #35208: Use `Time.use_zone` instead of ``
* Patch #35230: Fix typo in ApplicationHelper.html_title comment
* Patch #35396: Use base_scope for issue query results
* Patch #35466: Rename test/fixtures/configuration/*.yml.example to test/fixtures/files/configuration/*.yml
* Patch #35610: Cleanups after Wiki tab removal from project settings (#26579)
* Patch #35727: Add missing fixtures to Redmine::ProjectJumpBoxTest
* Patch #35773: Move sidebar content on versions index view (roadmap) into a separate partial
* Patch #35952: Explicitly specify text formatting in the test suite
* Patch #35975: Add missing fixtures to UserTest
* Patch #36005: Adopt 2FA emails to new Mailer interface
* Patch #36241: MenuManagerTest randomly fails
* Patch #36347: Add missing fixture to IssuesHelperTest
* Patch #36358: Use File.exist? instead of deprecated File.exists?
* Patch #36379: Update copyright year in source files to 2022
* Patch #36716: IssuesControllerTest randomly fails
* Patch #36730: Replace Member.find_or_new with ActiveRecord's find_or_initialize_by
* Patch #36770: Fix to use a correct exception class ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration in migrations

h3. [Custom fields]

* Defect #32977: Remove references to deleted user from "user"-Format CustomFields
* Feature #14275: Add hinting to custom fields

h3. [Database]

* Feature #35073: Escape values in LIKE statements to prevent injection of placeholders (_ or %)
* Patch #36416: Cleanup more dependent objects on project delete

h3. [Documentation]

* Feature #33859: Add a list of supported languages by the code highlighter to the help
* Feature #34978: Add the list of supported browsers to docs and drop support for IE 11

h3. [Documents]

* Patch #17924: Structured Document list for more flexible UI design with CSS

h3. [Email notifications]

* Defect #32199: Security notification is not sent when an admin changes the password of a user
* Defect #35017: X-Redmine-Issue-Assignee email header field is empty when the assignee of an issue is a group
* Defect #36393: Mailer.with_synched_deliveries doesn't correctly detect other async Queue adapters
* Feature #13919: Mention user on issues and wiki pages using @user with autocomplete
* Feature #30820: Drop setting "Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)"

h3. [Filters]

* Defect #36389: Filter parameters of Query string do not work when default query is enabled
* Feature #5893: Filter issues by notes
* Feature #34715: Filter issues by file description
* Feature #35764: Multiple search terms in the "contains" operator of text filters
* Patch #35312: Gracefully handle invalid operators and associations requested in queries

h3. [Gantt]

* Defect #33381: Possible double includes in issue query in gantt helper

h3. [Gems support]

* Patch #35000: Update SimpleCov to 0.21
* Patch #35025: Update capybara to 3.36
* Patch #35136: Update RuboCop to 1.25
* Patch #35142: Update RuboCop Performance to 1.13
* Patch #35207: Update RuboCop Rails to 2.14
* Patch #35361: Update CSV to 3.2
* Patch #35691: Update Nokogiri to 1.13
* Patch #36325: Update Rouge to 3.28
* Patch #36355: Update roadie-rails to 3.0
* Patch #36564: Update I18n to 1.10

h3. [Groups]

* Feature #12795: View group members by non-admin users

h3. [Hook requests]

* Defect #34743: Hooks for queries helper

h3. [I18n]

* Defect #36396: Custom I18n Pluralization rules are not applied correctly
* Feature #36728: Reintroduce lazy loading of i18n files

h3. [Importers]

* Defect #36377: Encoding drop-down in the import settings defaults to US-ASCII instead of general_csv_encoding in Korean, Thai, and Shimplified Chinese
* Feature #34718: Auto guess file encoding when importing CSV file
* Feature #35137: Reject CSV file without data row when importing
* Feature #35365: Allow sending account information when importing users

h3. [Issues]

* Defect #15634: Add watching users to a ticket should switch "watch" link to "unwatch" if own user was added
* Defect #33521: Use issue path instead of bulk update issues path when using the context menu with only one issue selected
* Defect #34641: When editing an issue, the Log time and/or Add notes does not show or hide dynamically
* Feature #4347: Contributing to an issue should automatically add the user to the watchers list
* Feature #6033: Allow addition/removal of subtasks to show in parent's history
* Feature #7360: Issue custom query: default query per instance, project and user
* Feature #13099: Issue Summary: add statistics about issues without assignee, version or category
* Feature #29076: Add button to "Create and follow" when adding a subtask from the parent issue
* Feature #31278: Change Delete button name to Delete issue
* Feature #35559: Query links for related issues on issue page

h3. [Issues list]

* Feature #34932: "Copy link" feature for issues list

h3. [OpenID]

* Feature #35755: Drop OpenID support

h3. [PDF export]

* Feature #35683: PDF rendering improvements when exporting an issue or a list of issues

h3. [Performance]

* Feature #29041: Update session token only once per minute
* Feature #35324: Preload principal and roles in members#index
* Feature #35374: Reduce amount of work on projects show API
* Feature #36294: Lazy load inline images
* Feature #36505: Reduce database queries when rendering Custom fields box in the project settings tab
* Feature #36696: Improve performance of adding or removing members of a group

h3. [Permissions and roles]

* Defect #34029: 403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file

h3. [Plugin API]

* Defect #35455: Require redmine/sort_criteria globally

h3. [Project settings]

* Defect #13199: "Edit" misaligned in project members view
* Defect #36318: Saving time tracking activities without any change may turn a system activity into a project activity

h3. [Projects]

* Feature #35795: Settings for global and user default custom ProjectQuery

h3. [REST API]

* Feature #10171: Updating journal notes via REST API
* Feature #15855: Add information about whether an issue is open or closed to Issues API response
* Feature #24976: Include new statuses allowed by workflow in Issues REST API
* Feature #34766: Better error message when no API format is recognised
* Feature #34857: Add total estimated hours, spent hours, total spent hours for issues to issue list API
* Feature #35420: API to archive/unarchive projects
* Feature #35505: Add enabled core fields to /trackers API response
* Feature #35507: API to close/reopen projects
* Feature #36303: Include avatar URL in Users API

h3. [Rails support]

* Feature #29914: Migrate to Rails 6.1 with Zeitwerk autoloading
* Feature #35030: Allow parallel testing
* Patch #35081: Update config/environments/*.rb for Rails 6.1
* Patch #36317: Set default protect from forgery true

h3. [Roadmap]

* Feature #6432: Allow unchecking all trackers in Roadmap view sidebar

h3. [Ruby support]

* Feature #31128: Drop Ruby < 2.5 support
* Feature #34992: Ruby 3.0 support
* Feature #36205: Ruby 3.1 support

h3. [SCM]

* Feature #5242: Display source project for cross-project associated revisions for issues
* Feature #16849: Render Textile and Markdown files in the repository browser

h3. [Text formatting]

* Defect #36580: Fix code copying in common browsers
* Feature #20511: Comments for Textile text formatting
* Feature #32424: CommonMark Markdown Text Formatting
* Feature #35677: Preserve leading white space when quoting using the JS toolbar
* Feature #35742: Enable task list items for CommonMark text formatting
* Patch #35104: Code blocks - consistent rendering and retaining user-supplied language name in rendered HTML

h3. [Third-party libraries]

* Feature #36701: Update Chart.js to 3.7.1
* Patch #35729: Update jQuery to 3.6.0

h3. [Time tracking]

* Defect #21056: Project specific TimeEntryActivity name not updating properly

h3. [UI]

* Defect #36524: Query Links on Issues and Time Logs Import Sidebars broken
* Feature #34494: Rename the save, edit and delete buttons on the query form to clarify the scope
* Feature #35770: Change "Edit" label in the context menu to "Bulk Edit" when multiple issues are selected
* Patch #30448: Remove wrapper2 and wrapper3 wrapping containers
* Patch #36429: Make issue tabs DOM more consistent

h3. [Wiki]

* Feature #7652: Ability to add watchers to Wiki pages