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h1. DoneRatio issues overview


h2. Introduction

This page lists an overview of open issues which are speaking specifically about changing the done ratio (@% Done@) behavior in several ways. This list could be used while managing all the issue duplicates.

h2. Current options for "Calculate the issue done ratio with"-setting

# Use the issue field (option 1)
# Use the issue status (option 2)

h2. Issue list

h3. Implementation of existing "Use the issue status"-setting (option 2)

* Patch #4274: Use Issue status for percent done
** Revision r3151[1], "added by Eric Davis over 3 years ago"

h3. Requests (and patch) for adding 3rd option "Use the logged and estimated time"

* Feature #952: Update % to be programatic not arbitrary
* Feature #3719: Automatical % Done regarding to Spent Time / Estimated Time
* Feature #7545: Calculate the issue done ratio
* Feature #7635: Edit % Done while logging time
* Feature #11999: Calculating issue done ratio based on "Estimated Time" and "Spent Time" - selectable by project (not globally)
* Feature #12347: "Calculate the issue done ratio" per project configuration
* Feature #12762: Add option to calculate done ratio with the data from time tracking
* Patch #13400: Calculate %done based on estimated and logged time
* Feature #24277: Introducing Remaining Time field as method to track the remaining time to complete an issue

h3. Requests (and plugin) for adding 4th option "Use the issue status and field"

* Defect #6609: % Done for Parent Tasks [2]
Feature #6975: Autocalculate the issue done ratio only for certain issue status
** "Redmine Issue Done Ratio Both plugin at GitHub":
* Feature #11809: update progress depending on status (just default value)
* Feature #11989: New Allow done ratios to be affected by status AND field
* Feature #12361: Mixed done ratio calculation mode

h3. Request for adding a fix for parent task done ratio calculation when "Use the issue status"-setting (option 2) is used

* Defect #6609: % Done for Parent Tasks [2]

h3. Requests to be able to change done ratio via commit messages (ext. #1518 and #4155)

* Feature #7376: Allow percent done to be updated via VCS commit message
* Feature #9715: New Update issue done ratio from commit message
* Feature #12815: implement commit keyword to set or to increase issue done ratio of referenced ticket

h3. Requests to automatically change done ratio to 100% when an issue is closed (assigned closed marked status)

* Feature #1306: New resolution fixed and % done out of sync
* Feature #12868: status related to progress bar

fn1. Commit-msg of r3151: <pre>Adds a Setting to control how an Issue's done_ratio is calculated:
• Issue field (default) - the done_ratio field for the Issue
• Issue status - uses the Issue Status's value