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h1. Frequently Asked Questions


h2. Installing and Running Redmine

h3. The application seems to work fine but some pages (eg. login form) have no content.

You’re running Rails 1.1.x but Redmine requires 1.2.2.
Upgrade Rails (if you're using gem package system, run the command @gem update@ __gem update__ as root/administrator).

h3. The application freeze after a long time of inactivity. without activitiy.

There's a bug in ruby/mysql adapter < 2.7.3 that leads to loose the database connection. Please update your adapter.
You can see thread at: http://rubyforge.org/forum/message.php?msg_id=25951.

h2. Issue tracking

h3. I've created a new issue status but I can't use it, it doesn't show up in the status drop-down list.

Once you've created a new issue status, you need to include it in the workflow.

Say you have created a status named 'In progress' and you want your developers to be able to change bugs from 'New' to 'In progress'.
Go to "Admin -> Issue tracking -> Workflow", select 'Bug' and 'Developer' then click edit.
You now see all the transitions allowed for developers on bugs. Check the 'New' -> 'In progress' checkbox and save.