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Version 20 (Jean-Philippe Lang, 2011-01-26 23:34) → Version 21/22 (Go MAEDA, 2017-12-17 05:39)

h1. Main features

h2. Multiple projects support

* Manage all your projects with one Redmine instance
* Each user can have a different role on each project
* Each project can be declared as public (visible by anyone) or private (visible by project members only)
* Modules (eg. wiki, repository, issue tracking, ...) can be enabled/disabled at project level

h2. Multiple subproject support

* Manage related project parts as subprojects of a main project.

h2. Flexible role based access control

* Define your own roles and set their permissions in a click

p=. !/screenshots/role_permissions_tn.png!:/screenshots/role_permissions.png

h2. Flexible issue tracking system

* Define your you own statuses and issue types
* Workflow transitions can be set up for each issue type and role through the web-based administration interface (a default configuration can be loaded when installing the application)

p=. !/screenshots/issue_list_tn.png!:/screenshots/issue_list.png !/screenshots/workflow_tn.png!:/screenshots/workflow.png

h2. Gantt chart and calendar

* Automatic gantt and calendar based on issues start and due dates

h2. Time tracking functionality

* Time can be entered at project or ticket level
* Simple report to view time per user, issue type, category or activity

p=. !/screenshots/spent_time_tn.png!:/screenshots/spent_time.png

h2. Custom fields

* You can define your own custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users
* Different Differents formats are available: text, date, boolean, integers, drop-down lists and checkboxes
* Custom fields can be displayed on the issue list and used as filters just like regular fields

h2. News, documents & files management

* You can easily post messages and share files

h2. Per project wiki and forums

* Wiki uses textile syntax and free linking within the wiki using brackets
* Diff and annotate views are available

p=. !/screenshots/wiki_edit_tn.png!:/screenshots/wiki_edit.png

h2. Repository browser and diff viewer

* Existing repositories can be attached to each of your projects
* Redmine lets you browse their contents, view and search changesets
* Diff and annotate (aka blame) viewer
* Supported SCM: "Subversion":http://subversion.tigris.org/, "CVS":http://www.nongnu.org/cvs/, "Mercurial":http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/, "Darcs":http://darcs.net/, "Bazaar":http://bazaar-vcs.org/ and "Git":http://www.git-scm.org/.

p=. !/screenshots/scm_annotate_tn.png!:/screenshots/scm_annotate.png !/screenshots/scm_browser_tn.png!:/screenshots/scm_browser.png !/screenshots/scm_diff_tn.png!:/screenshots/scm_diff.png

h2. Feeds & email notifications

* Project activity, changesets, news, issues, issue changes are available as Atom feeds

h2. Multiple LDAP authentication support

* Redmine lets you authenticate users against multiple LDAP
* Accounts can be created on-the-fly when a user is found in the directory (optional)

h2. User self-registration support

* Optionally, you can allow users to register online
* 3 account activation methods are available: automatic (no confirmation required), manual (by administrators) or through an auto generated URL sent via email

h2. Multilanguage support

Thanks to many contributors, Redmine is yet available in the following forty-nine thirty-four languages:

* Albanian (Shqip) Bosnian
* Arabic (عربي) Brazilian Portuguese
* Azerbaijani (Azeri)
* Basque (Euskara)
* Bosnian (Bosanski)
Bulgarian (Български)
* Catalan (Català)
* Croatian (Hrvatski) Chinese
* Czech (Čeština)
* Danish (Dansk)
* Dutch (Nederlands)
* English
* English (British)
* Estonian (Eesti)
Finnish (Suomi)
* French (Français)
* Galician (Galego)
* German (Deutsch)
* Greek (Ελληνικά)
Hebrew (עברית)
* Hungarian (Magyar)
* Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
Italian (Italiano)
* Japanese (日本語)
* Korean (한국어)
* Latvian (Latviešu)
Lithuanian (lietuvių)
* Macedonian (Македонски)
* Mongolian (Монгол)
Norwegian (Norsk bokmål)
* Persian (پارسی)
Polish (Polski)
* Portuguese (Português)
* Portuguese/Brasil (Português/Brasil)
Romanian (Română)
* Russian (Русский)
* Serbian (Srpski)
* Serbian Cyrillic (Српски)
* Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
Slovak (Slovenčina)
* Slovene (Slovenščina) Slovenian
* Spanish (Español)
* Spanish/Panama (Español/Panamá) Swedish
* Swedish (Svenska) Taiwanese
* Thai (ไทย)
* Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)
Turkish (Türkçe)
* Ukrainian (Українська)
* Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

h2. Multiple databases support

* Redmine runs with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite

h1. Feature requests

See the list of "requested features":http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/issues?set_filter=1&tracker_id=2.