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Version 5 (Eric Davis, 2008-09-10 03:50) → Version 6/25 (Eric Davis, 2008-09-30 07:12)

h1. Hooks

To see the current list of hooks, run @rake redmine:plguins:hook_list@ in the Redmine directory.

h2. Views

For views hooks, current project is accessible using @:project@ key of context.

|_. Name|_. Description|_. Context|
|@:view_issues_form_details_bottom@|Appends content to the html table at the bottom of the issue form|@:issue, :form@|
|@:view_issues_bulk_edit_details_bottom@|Appends content to the bulk edit form before the note|@:issues@|
|@:view_issues_show_details_bottom@|Appends content to the bottom of the issues details table|@:issue@|
|@:view_layouts_base_html_head@|Appends content to the html head of the base layout|(none)|
|@:view_layouts_base_body_bottom@|Appends content to the end of the body section of the base layout|(none)|
|@:view_projects_settings_members_table_header@|Appends content to the table header of a Project's Member setting|@:project@|
|@:view_projects_settings_members_table_row@|Appends content to the table row of a Project's Member setting|@:member, :project@|

h2. Controllers

|_. Name|_. Description|_. Context|
|@:controller_issues_bulk_edit_before_save@|Passes the current issue and the params to the hook before saving. This can be used to set attributes on the issues.| @:params, :issue@|

h2. Helpers

|_. Name|_. Description|_. Context|
|@:helper_issues_show_detail_after_setting@|Passes data to the hook to allow it to set the label and value.|@:detail, :label, :value, :old_value@|