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h1. HowTos

h2. Installation

[[RedmineInstall|Generic installation instructions]]

"HowTo Install Redmine 0.8.x+ in Debian Etch with Apache fcgid":
[[HowTo configure Apache to run Redmine]]
[[HowTo configure Nginx to run Redmine]]
[[HowTo Install Redmine in a home directory on Debian]]
[[HowTo Install Redmine using Debian package]]
[[HowTo Install Redmine on Debian with Ruby-on-Rails and Apache2-Passenger]]
[[HowTo Install Redmine in a sub-URI]]
[[HowTo Install Redmine in a sub-URI on Windows with Apache]] (Zero-to-Redmine on Windows)
[[HowTo run Redmine with a Mongrel cluster]]
"HowTo Install Redmine on Debian": [] (aka "Zero to Redmine")
[[HowTo Install Redmine in Ubuntu]]
[[HowTo install Redmine in Apache Tomcat]]
"HowTo Install Redmine on FreeBSD with Mongrel Cluster and Apache Proxy Balance": (pt-BR)
[[RedmineInstallOSX|How to install Redmine on Mac OS X]]
[[RedmineInstallOSXServer|HowTo Install Redmine on Mac OS X Server]]
[[RedmineAndSELinuxOnCentOS|HowTo make Redmine, Phusion Passenger, Ruby Enterprise Edition, and Apache play nice with SELinux on CentOS]]
"HowTo Install Redmine with SVN, Git and Gitosis on Ubuntu 8.04":
[[HowTo Install Redmine on Solaris]]
"HowTo Authenticate Apache against Redmine with AuthMySQL":

h2. Setup

[[HowTo setup automatic refresh of repositories in Redmine on commit]]
[[HowTo configure Redmine for advanced git integration]]
[[HowTo configure Redmine for advanced Mercurial integration]]
[[HowTo configure Redmine for advanced Subversion integration]]
[[HowTo configure Redmine to mail to MS Exchange server]]
[[HowTo keep in sync your git repository for redmine]]
[[HowTo have both development and production environment available from Apache with VirtualHost]]

h2. Customizing Redmine

[[HowTo translate Redmine in your own language]]
[[HowTo create a custom Redmine theme]]
[[HowTo add a logo to your Redmine banner]]

h2. Misc

[[HowTo Mylyn|How to connect a Mylyn repository to Redmine]]
"HowTo Redmine Appliance from scratch with Ubuntu JeOS + Apache + Phusion Passenger + Ruby Enterprise": (es-ES)
HowTo Redmine Appliance from scratch with Ubuntu JeOS + Apache + Mongrel cluster + Webmin integration "1": "2": "3": (es-ES)