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 h2. Objectives 

 # Tell the world our experiences and works aroud Redmine. 
 # Share with others our ideas, efforts and developed code. 
 # Make our plugins as popular as possible and promote them as a regular part of the redmine's core project. 

 h3. Who are we? 

 We are some IT professionals who work at Sadesi (a public company that belongs to "Junta de Andalucia": We are happy of working in a company/government which is compromissed with OpenSource. 

 My name's Borja Pacheco and I want to clarify that I'm talking from a personal point of view, not trying to tell you the formal opinion of others (nor Sadesi, CEIC, neither Junta de Andalucia). I need to mention to Maria Jose Romero del Toro and Francisco Quintero Moron, who are part of this project and without them, nothing wouldn't be possible. 

 If you want to contact me, please, use @Borja_Pacheco or, as you prefer. 

 h2. Introduction 

 Sadesi started to use Redmine as the main tool to manage projects at the end of h1. JdA