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h1. Redmine Attached Files


h2. Introduction

Attached files can be added to different resources within the Redmine system:
* issues - using the [[RedmineAttachedFiles#Attach-files-form|"New File" form]] while adding/editing an issue
* documents - using the [[RedmineAttachedFiles#Attach-files-form|"New File" form]] while adding/editing a document
* forum messages - using the [[RedmineAttachedFiles#Attach-files-form|"New File" form]] while adding/editing a forum message
* wiki pages - using the [[RedmineAttachedFiles#Files-added-via-New-File|"New File" link]] at the bottom of the page

h2. Usage

h3. Inline Images

Attached files can be shown within the parent page by targeting it's name via image url (i.e. @!attached_image!@).

h3. Non plain text files

Keep in mind there is a dedicated [[RedmineDocuments|documents]] module for storing technical and user documentation that can be linked via the [[RedmineWikis|wiki]] and a dedicated [[RedmineFiles|files]] module for publishing versions of the tracked project, as a bundle (release).

However, if that doesn't fit the bill, file upload support provides a way to distribute any file for user download.

h2. File storage

Uploaded All uploaded attached files are stored in @<Redmine install dir>/files@ directory subdirectories named after at the year the file has been uploaded. @/{install dir}/files@ directory.

The uploaded file name is prefixed with a unique id based on it's parent for directory storage. Multiple files can be uploaded with the same name, however a link within the wiki will only show the most recently uploaded one.

h2. Attach files form

Regardless where an attached file is added, the input form is as shown below. Adding multiple attached files at once is possible using the "Add another file" link.

The optional description is used for an @alt@ text if the image is shown using @!image_url!@ within the parent.


h2. Files added via "New File"

At the bottom of many of the pages in Redmine is a "New File" link. Attaching a file makes that page the parent of the file and it is limited in scope to that page.

See the [[RedmineFiles#Usage|Usage]] section for more information.