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Version 3 (Mischa The Evil, 2010-10-04 02:46) → Version 4/6 (Mischa The Evil, 2010-10-04 02:48)

h1. Calendar

h2. Overview

The calendar provides an overview of the current project as a monthly view. This view displays all the issues that have at least a start date and indicates their start date and (if available) their due date. The calendar also displays all versions which have a due date set.

h2. Filters

Like on the [[RedmineIssueList|issue-lists]] and the [[RedmineGantt|Gantt chart]], [[RedmineGantt|Gantt]], it is possible to define filters to define a subset of issues to be shown on the calendar. Such filters are similar to those specified on any [[RedmineIssueList|issue-list]].