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h1. Redmine Files 



 h2. Files Module 

 Each project can have a *Files* module enabled/disabled via the settings menu. 

 A sortable table shows the details of all the uploaded files. If a version if selected while uploading a file, that the file will be the file is shown below the version. Of note are the MD5 hash and D/L(Download Count). 


 New files are added via the !/images/add.png! *New File* button in the upper right hand corner. 


 h2. File storage 

 All uploaded files are stored at the @/{install dir}/files@ directory. 

 The uploaded file name is prefixed with a unique id based on it's parent for directory storage. 

 h2. New file form 

 If a new file is added, the input form is as shown below. Select a version from the list to link a file to a specific version. Adding multiple files at once is possible using the "Add another file" link. 

 The optional description is used for an @alt@ text.