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h1. Managing Groups

As of 0.9, Administrators can define groups of users in Redmine.
Groups can be added as members of projects just like regular users, using the same [[RedmineRoles|Roles]] Roles too.

When adding a user to an existing group, this user inherits of all of the group privileges.

h2. Creating groups

To create a group, do the following:

# Click Administration
# Click Groups
# Click New Group
# Type the name of your group in Name
# Click Create

h2. Adding members and associating projects

To add members to a group, do the following:

# In Administration >> Groups
# Click the name of the Group you wish to change.
# You'll see 3 tabs: General, Users, Projects
** General
*** Change the name by editing the Name field
** Users
*** Add users by checking the username box for each user
*** Click Add
** Projects
*** Select a project from the pop-up menu
*** Set the Role
*** Click Add

Figure 1: Example Group Users tab

Figure 2: Adding Members to a Group

Figure 3: Example Group Project tab

Figure 4: Associating a group to a project (from the Group context)