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h1. Installing Redmine on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server
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This is a quick summary of the necessary steps for a simple install of Redmine on Apple OS X Lion Server 10.7. It is meant only as a supplement, not a replacement, to the official install guide found here.
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h2. Install Prerequisites 
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# Install Xcode/OS X Developer Tools
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Either get XCode from the Mac App Store or register for a free account and download from:
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An alternative is the latest version of Command Line Tools for XCode . This is a smaller download and contains all that is necessary for installation.
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# Install OS X MySQL and associated Libraries
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Download (select latest 64-bit version, e.g. 5.5.25)
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Run the installation package .pkg file. This will install into /usr/local/mysql/bin
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Run the MySQLStartupItem.pkg file to use GUI to start automatically after startup of your server. (Of course, command line also works.)
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Open the MySQL.prefPane and install for all users. This provides a GUI for starting and stopping. (Of couse, command line also works.)
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Set the root password for your new installation of MySQL. One way is to use the "MySQLWorkbench": Or from the command line:
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  @mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD@ (where your password substitutes for NEWPASSWORD)
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Add MySQL to the path. In terminal:
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    @sudo touch /etc/paths.d/mysql@ (creates a file in which you type the path)
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    @sudo nano /etc/paths.d/mysql@
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In editor type @/usr/local/mysql/bin@ then save and exit
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Enter startup options to tell the MySQL client and daemon to connect to the local server. In terminal:
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    @sudo nano /etc/my.cnf@
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  In editor, add the following as appropriate:
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    socket = /tmp/mysql.sock
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    socket = /tmp/mysql.sock@    
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Install the MySQL binaries. Info about client libraries is available at , or to download directly use
29 2 Art Kuo (or latest version)
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	@sudo tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/MySQL-55.binaries.tar.gz -C ~/Downloads@
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This will produce a root.tar archive, which must then also be extracted:
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	@sudo tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/MySQL-55.binaries/MySQL-55.root.tar.gz -C /@
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If successful, tar should list the many files being placed in appropriate locations throughout the system
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# Install "Phusion Passenger":
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This is a gem that handles Ruby on Rails applications and makes them accessible on the web server.
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	@sudo gem install passenger@
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	@sudo passenger-install-apache2-module@
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The apache2 module installation will ask you to add several lines to the apache configuration file. For the standard Lion Server, the file is /etc/apache2/httpd.conf . Typical lines to add are:
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@LoadModule passenger_module /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/passenger-3.0.12/ext/apache2/
40 2 Art Kuo
PassengerRoot /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/passenger-3.0.12
41 2 Art Kuo
PassengerRuby /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Version/1.8/usr/bin/ruby@
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It may also be helpful to specify the user that runs passenger, with the line
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@PassengerDefaultUser www@
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# Build and install Passenger Pref Pane
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This is a GUI interface for the Mac, to make it easy to add Ruby on Rails applications. Many of the binary prefPanes on the "web": are not compatible with 10.7, so it is necessary to "build": :
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@cd ~/Downloads
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git clone
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cd passengerpane
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(If you can't find xcodebuild, it may be in /usr/bin/xcodebuild)
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Install the preference pane. Look in ~/Downloads/passengerpane/build/Release, and double-click on Passenger.prefPane to install it.
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An alternative is to download a pre-compiled build for 10.7, e.g. "SoftwhisperSL-PassengerPrefPane":
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h2. Install Redmine
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# Checkout Redmine 2
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	@cd /Library/WebServer/Sites/@
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If the Sites directory doesn't exist, create it (@sudo mkdir /Library/WebServer/Sites@)
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	@git clone
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# Configure Passenger
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	Open /Library/WebServer/Sites in Finder
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	Start Passenger preference pane in System Preferences
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	Drag redmine folder to Passenger (you may have to 'click to make changes')
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	Set "Address" to something like @redmine.local@ and click "Production"
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        Enter any aliases for the website, such as
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# Setup Database with redmine user and database
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	@mysql -u root -p@
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(Enter the MySQL root password when prompted)
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Now enter the following into MySQL, substituting a password of your choice for MYPASSWORD:
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@create database redmine character set utf8;
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create user 'redmine'@'localhost' identified by 'MYPASSWORD';
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	grant all privileges on redmine.* to 'redmine'@'localhost';@
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# Configure Redmine
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	@cd /Library/WebServer/Sites/redmine
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	sudo mkdir tmp public/plugin_assets
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        sudo chown -R www:www tmp public/plugin_assets log files
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    	sudo chmod -R 755 files log tmp public/plugin_assets
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	sudo cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml@
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Edit database.yml, e.g.
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  adapter: mysql
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  database: redmine
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  host: localhost
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  username: redmine
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  password: MYPASSWORD
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  socket: /tmp/mysql.sock@
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If necessary, do the same for configuration.yml, for example to set up email SMTP.
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# Install appropriate gems
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Optional: It helps to have imagemagick, which can be installed with @brew install imagemagick@ if you use "Mac Homebrew":
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  @sudo gem install bundler
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Make sure you are in the redmine directory @cd /Library/WebServer/Sites/redmine@:
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sudo bundle install --without development test@
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(If you don't have imagemagick, also append @rmagick@ to the above line)
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# Establish Defaults
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	@sudo rake generate_secret_code
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	sudo RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate
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	sudo RAILS_ENV=production rake redmine:load_default_data@
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When prompted, enter the appropriate language (e.g. @en@ for English) and press enter
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h2. Configure Apache to serve up Redmine
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You may wish to try out using webrick first, but you can move straight to apache. 
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# Go to, select the Web service, and add a new website. For example domain name @redmine.local@, and store site files in @/Library/WebServer/Sites/redmine/public@
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# Restart the web server
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@sudo apachectl restart@
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Or, in, turn the web service off and then on. 
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Go to the Passenger prefPane and restart your redmine app
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The site should now be visible, e.g. at redmine.local
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To serve outside of local, instructions may be found "here":
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For example, to serve as a subdomain from your main server, do the following. First, link the redmine directory into the directory where Server stores files in, e.g.
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@ln -s /Library/WebServer/Sites/redmine/public /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default/redmine@
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edit the appropriate .conf file in /etc/apache2/sites, and under VirtualHost add @RailsBaseURI /redmine@ to point at the same location
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h2. Notes
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For automated installs, check out [[How to install Redmine in Linux Windows and OS X using BitNami Redmine Stack]]
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The following references were helpful for compiling this howto: 
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[[RedmineInstallOSXServer]] for Snow Leopard Server
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This same procedure also works for Redmine 1.4. Installation for 1.4+ is made vastly easier by the gem bundler, which ensures the appropriate gem versions are maintained.