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h1. Project Overview 

 The Project overview will give you an overview of the whole project. On left upper side in the *_Issue tracking_* area you will get an overview of how many Defects, Features and Patches are open and which are closed. In the *_Members_* area you can see who are the members of the given project in particular who is the administrator of the project. In the *_Latest news_* area you can see which are the latest news for the particular project. 

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 !redmine-project-overview.png! !redmine-project-overview.jpg! 

 On the upper right side you see [[RedmineLogin|Sign in]] and [[RedmineRegister|Register]]. The [[RedmineLogin|Sign in]] is used to login for those who have an account for this project. The [[RedmineRegister|Register]] part can be disabled by the administrator. 

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