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h1. Managing projects

h2. Fields explanation

h3. Project

The project name

h3. Description

A short description of the project

h3. Public

If the icon !/images/true.png! is present, everybody can see this project. Non-public project can be view only by user who was given acces by an administrator of the project.

h3. Subprojects

Indicate the numbers of subprojects connected to this project.

h3. Created

Indicated the date when this project has been created.


h3. Archive

If you click on the !/images/locked.png! !/images/archive.png! icon, you put this project as an archive: users no longer can open issues or made modification to the project unless being administrator. A project archived can be restored.

h3. Delete

This is pure deletion of the project. Contrary to Archive, you can't restore a deleted project. Use it with a clear-mind.