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h1. Managing projects 

 h2. Projects list 

 The projects list shows all active projects by default. To view all projects (active and archived projects), change the status filter to 'All'. 

 * *Project:* The project name 

 * *Description:* A short description of the project 

 * *Public:* If the icon !/images/true.png! is present, everybody can see this project. Non-public project can be view only by user who was given acces by an administrator of the project. 

 * *Subprojects:* Indicate the numbers of subprojects connected to this project. 

 * *Created:* Indicated the date when this project has been created. 

 p=. !project_list.png! 

 h2. Adding or editing a project 

 See [[RedmineProjectSettings|Project settings]]. 

 h2. Archiving a project 

 From the projects list, click the !/images/locked.png! *Archive* link to archive a project. 

 An archived project is no longer visible by users. It can be un-archived (with its original content) by the administrator. When archiving a project, any subproject is also archived. 

 h2. Copying an existing project 

 From the projects list, click the !/images/copy.png! *Copy* link on the right of the project you want to copy. 

 You will get the new project form prefilled with the settings of the copied project (trackers, custom fields...). At the bottom of the form, you can choose what should be also copied to your new project: 

 p=. !project_copy.png! 

 h2. Deleting a project 

 From the projects list, click the !/images/delete.png! *Delete* link. You will be asked for confirmation on a separate screen. 

 This is pure deletion of the project and all its subprojects. Contrary to Archive, you can't restore a deleted project. Use it with a clear-mind.