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Version 13 (Mischa The Evil, 2009-03-31 00:40) → Version 14/19 (Tom Rochette, 2010-01-11 16:41)

h1. Roadmap

The roadmap provides a highly-configurable, version-based view on the issue tracking system that helps planning and managing the development of a project.
It also provides an in-depth (version-based) overview of the current state of your project.

h2. Overview

If you select the Roadmap you will get an overview of the current state of your project, like the following:


The above mentioned view contains the following "blocks" of information for all (incomplete) versions:
* the version name
* the date the version is scheduled to be complete
a progress bar progressbar which indicates overall active/done/closed-ratio based on the %-done and statuses of the issues targeted targetted to the corresponding version, visualized by different color gradients colour-gradients and including the date the version has been scheduled to be complete
the content of the wiki-page that has been configured to be attached to the version
* if configured: the content of the wiki-page that has been configured to be attached to the version (see below)
* if configured: a list of all the issues assigned to the specific version (see below)

The mentioned progress bar progressbar includes drill-down links to the issue-list which preloads the specific filters thus providing quick links to open/closed issues targeted targetted to a corresponding version. Simply click on the number left to *_open_* to see all open issues in the issue-list. If you like to know which issues are already solved/closed simply click on the number left to *_closed_*.

If you click on the version itself (0.8 right from the !/images/package.png!-icon), !/images/package.png!-icon) you can get a detailed view of the current, overall state of a specific version. This is the [[RedmineVersion|version-view]].

h2. Managing the Roadmap

If you have the appropriate permissions you can change the Roadmap-view in two ways:

# You can attach a wikipage to the version (see [[RedmineProjectSettings#Versions]]) which can be used for describing main objectives of the version etc.
# You can select the trackers of which individual issues, which are targetted to the corresponding version, are listed in a way that you will see an area with all related issues directly under the version. This behaviour can be changed as an administrator in the area of the [[RedmineIssueTrackingSetup#Trackers|trackers]].

h2. Sidebar

The contextual sidebar on the right of the roadmap provides several things:
* a checkbox to include completed target-versions on the roadmap
* checkboxes and an apply-button to include/exclude issues from specific trackers on the roadmap (which trackers are shown here with checkboxes depends on the individual [[RedmineIssueTrackingSetup#Trackers|tracker-configuration]])
* links to the configured target-versions of the project where each links to the roadmap itself starting with the selected target-version