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h1. RedmineSearch 

 A part of any project management process is spent looking for existing information. Enter the Redmine search capability. 

 h2. Search 

 At the top right-hand side of Redmine is a simple search box. 


 Depending on permission settings and project membership a drop down menu option may show the current project. Simple search searches full text on the project currently displayed in that chooser. 


 Clicking on the word *Search* will immediately take you to the advanced search and results page. Notice the project chooser has followed, and there are checkboxes to limit search to specific types of entries. The checkboxes displayed only if the module is enabled at that project level. 


 h2. Search configuration 

 h3. Search titles only 

 From the advanced search box, *Search titles only* can be enabled to limit results. 

 h3. Search custom fields 

 Don't forget to set custom fields checkbox *Searchable* to true to also search these fields. 


 h2. Results 

 Here is a sample results page from this site on "test issue". 

 * Many links to go to what was found. 
 * Unique text highlighting by search terms. 
 * Capability to jump to groupings of results (ie News items). 
 * Leading icons to categorize type of result (ie changeset, issue, comment)