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h1. Time tracking

Time tracking allows you to You can enter an estimated time on each issue and track how many hours of work you have done spent on a specific issue. By filling time estimates, project managers are able to produce better suited project planning as well as follow your progress. Time tracking is always related to a user, thus it can be used to track how many billable hours this user as accomplished. each of them.

h2. Logging time on an issue

You can log time on an issue by clicking !/images/time_add.png! *Log time* from the issue details view.


Estimated and spent hours can be entered using the following formats:
* Hours and minutes: 1h, 1 h, 1 hour, 2 hours, 30m, 30min, 1h30, 1h30m, 1:30
* Hours as decimal: 1.5, 1,5 (equals to 1h30)

You can also enter spent time when updating an issue.

h2. Logging time at project level

You can log hours at project level by leaving the issue field empty.