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h1. Version

The version-view provides a detailed view of the current, overall state of a specific version. This includes:
* a list of all the issues assigned to the specific version, including a progressbar which indicates overall active/done/closed-ratio based on the %-done and statuses of the issues, visualized by different colour-gradients
* the content of the wiki-page that has been configured to be attached to the version
* a block which shows the time-tracking totals of all estimated- and spent-time on the issues assigned to the version
* a block which shows the issue-statistics using the same active/done/closed-ratio progressbar grouped by:
** Assigned To Users
** Authors
** Categories
** Priorities
** Trackers

Both the grouped by criteria and the statistics itself (the number of issues) provides drill-down links to the issue-list which preloads the specific filters thus providing quick links to issues of a specific author, category, etc.

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The version-view can be reached from the [[RedmineRoadmap|roadmap]] by clicking on a specific version.