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h1. Активность проекта

Страница *_Действия_* отображает историю всей активности по данному проекту.

Включая изменения в:
The *_Activity_* page will give an historical log of at least all activities which had happen in the given project.

This will include:

* !/images/ticket.png! A new issue (feature, defect...) has been created.
* !/images/ticket_edit.png! The status of the issue has been changed.
* !/images/ticket_checked.png! The given issue has been closed.
* !/images/ticket_note.png! A note to the issue has been added.
* !/images/changeset.png! This means a changeset has been commited to the repository.
* !/images/news.png! A news has been added to the news area.
* !/images/message.png! A message in the forum area has been added.
* !/images/comments.png! A reply to a message in the forum has been added.
* !/images/wiki_edit.png! A wiki page has been edited or newly created.
* !/images/attachment.png! A new file has been added in the files area or to a document.
* !/images/document.png! A new document has been added.
* !/images/time.png! Some hours has been logged.

Using the checkboxes in the sidebar of the right, you can choose which items are displayed.

The activity is also available as an Atom feed.


A cross-project activity view is available from the Projects page, it will lists the activity of all visible projects.