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h1. Developer Meetings


* Date: "2010-04-30, 14:00 UTC":
* Location: irc://
* "Announcement and Discussion Thread":

This page should help to organize and collaborate the regular developer meetings as proposed on When there the meeting passed, there should be some kind of minutes posted and the next meeting announced. Discussions should only be performed in the forums or in IRC. Please update this wiki page according to the latest settlements and proposals.

h2. Proposed Meeting Methodology

Meeting will take place at the agreed upon time in IRC. Channel will be #redmine-dev on the Freenode IRC Network. You can use a "web-based client": if you are unfamiliar with IRC. Currently Eric Davis has operator privileges in that channel.

The meeting will be held as professionally as possible. The agenda proceed according to weight of the agreed upon topics. "Common-sense IRC protocol": is expected, and will be maintained. The meeting will be logged and the log will be used as the minutes which will be posted here on the wiki as the record.

The meeting is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Please do all possible to schedule yourself accordingly to attend the entire time. Future meetings will probably be more regular and much shorter.

h2. Proposed topics - in rough order of discussion

*Overall Redmine*
* Restructure the development process to be more open
** Teams (see below)
Creating a Long Term Vision of what Redmine aims to be, and overall direction of the project
** Defining & publicizing a clear mission statement for the project
* Restructure the development process to be more open
** Teams (see below)
Rethinking Roles / Permissions on

*Redmine Development*
* Getting more Contributors and removing blocks from existing Contributors Developers
* Teams
** Create teams for various aspects of Redmine development and usage. Each
team has a leader who has "ownership" of that area. area
*** Documentation Team
*** Development Team (these guys have CI access)
*** Plugin Team
*** User Support team (in charge of forums and IRC)
* Redmine become much more modular
* Scheduling Make these meetings regular developer meetings

*Redmine 1.0*
* Release plan for 1.0
** "Request: Clean out the issues on":
** Bug mash (see above thread)
* Private Issues #337
* Official API for authentication plugins

* "Redmine Blog":
** More contributors
** More content aimed at end-users
* Finalize "the Logo":

*Other Stuff*
* Fixing the Redmine forums
* Plugin Directory
* Themes
* Making #redmine IRC more officially sanctioned

h2. Agenda

# Introductions, help stragglers enter channel
# Roll Call
# Assign Meeting Master (Possibly do this before hand)
#* Responsibilities include: moderate the meeting by leading through the Meeting Agenda and encouraging discussion
# Discuss Agreed upon topics in order of importance
# Agree upon time/date of next meeting

h2. Committed Attendees

|_. IRC nick / real name |_. Who are you? |
| Jean-Philippe Lang (?) | Owner and Maintainer of Redmine |
| edavis10 / Eric Davis | Core Contributor, plugin developer, founder of Little Stream Software Contributor |
| shanepearlman / Shane Pearlman | Plugin / Core Funder |
| thegcat / Felix Schäfer | |
| jamesturnbull / James Turnbull | (may be unable to make it due to timing) |
| Khalsa / Muntek Singh | Plugin Abuser, Introducing upcoming redmine-based product soon|
| meineerde / Holger Just | Plugin developer. Interested in "enterprisy" features. |
| khaase / Konstantin Haase | Plugin developer |
| Tohuw / Ron Adams |Interested in documentation and development teams|
| yeahrock / Jan Schulz-Hofen | Plugin developer, founder of Planio |
| pmphq / Igor Balk | Plugin developer, interested in UX improvements, founder of PMP HQ |
| emilianoh / Emiliano heyns | Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin |
| relaxdiego / Mark Maglana | Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin |
| MikeXIII / Mike K | Just an average Redmine enthusiast ;) |
| salvor / Jean-Baptiste Barth | Plugin dev |
| Yohann Monnier | Would like to be Core Rest Contributor / plugin contributor |
| schmidtwisser / Gregor Schmidt | General Redmine enthusiast |
| dfishel / Dillon Fishel | General Redmine User |
| elmt / Eric Thomas | |
| hwinkel/ Holger Winkelmann | General Redmine enthusiast, may become Plugin Funder |