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Muntek Singh, 2010-05-02 16:15

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h1. Developer Meetings
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* Location: irc://
6 31 Muntek Singh
* "Announcement and Discussion Thread":
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8 37 Robert Chady
This page should help to organize and collaborate the regular developer meetings as proposed on When the meeting is finished, there should be some kind of minutes posted and the next meeting announced. Discussions should only be performed in the forums or in IRC. Please update this wiki page according to the latest settlements and proposals.
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10 39 Muntek Singh
h2. Meeting Methodology
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12 31 Muntek Singh
Meeting will take place at the agreed upon time in IRC. Channel will be #redmine-dev on the Freenode IRC Network. You can use a "web-based client": if you are unfamiliar with IRC. Currently Eric Davis has operator privileges in that channel. 
13 1 Holger Just
14 37 Robert Chady
The meeting will be held as professionally as possible. The agenda will proceed according to the weight of the agreed upon topics. "Common-sense IRC protocol": is expected, and will be maintained. The meeting will be logged and the log will be used as the minutes which will be posted here on the wiki as the record. 
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16 1 Holger Just
The meeting is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Please do everything possible to schedule yourself accordingly to attend the entire time. Future meetings will probably be more regular and much shorter.
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18 39 Muntek Singh
h2. Meetings:
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20 39 Muntek Singh
[[DevMeeting0]] 2010-04-30, 14:00 UTC
21 41 Muntek Singh
[[DevMeeting1]] 2010-05-14 13:00 UTC
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23 15 Muntek Singh
h2. Agenda
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# Introductions, help stragglers enter channel
26 15 Muntek Singh
# Roll Call
27 1 Holger Just
# Assign Meeting Master (Possibly do this before hand)
28 33 Eric Thomas
#* Responsibilities include: moderate the meeting by leading through the Meeting Agenda and encouraging discussion 
29 34 Holger Winkelmann
# Discuss Agreed upon topics in order of importance
30 36 Aaron Fischer
# Agree upon time/date of next meeting