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h1. Default theme

This is the default Redmine theme integrated within the Redmine core.

h2. Author

Same as the author of Redmine itself: Jean-Philippe Lang.

h2. License

The default theme is open source and released under the terms of the "GNU General Public License v2": (GPL).

h2. Description

This is the default Redmine theme which is _integrated integrated as part of the Redmine core_. core. It is quite a basic, straight-forward theme based on a triangle of colours including blue, dark-blue and white/grey.

It includes:
* support for gravatars (introduced in @Redmine 0.8.0@)

It excludes:
* issue-colouring in the issuelist based on issue's priority (see the [[ThemeAlternate|Alternate theme]] for a solution to this)

h2. Screenshots

|=. *Project Overview* |=. *Project Activity* |
| !overview-480x360.jpg! | !activity-480x360.jpg! |

|=. *Project Roadmap* |=. *Project Issuelist* |
| !roadmap-480x360.jpg! | !issuelist-480x360.jpg! |

|=. *Project Forums* |=. *Project Repository* |
| !forums-480x360.jpg! | !repository-480x360.jpg! |

h2. Getting the theme

The theme is part of the Redmine Core.

h2. Install

Due to the fact that this theme is integrated in Redmine as part of the Redmine core this theme does not have to be installed seperately. It is the default selected theme.

h2. Changelog

See the @svn@-log of source:trunk/public/stylesheets.

h2. Help and bugs

Support is provided as for Redmine itself. For getting help or discussing about Redmine, you can browse the "Redmine forums": Or, join @#redmine@ on the freenode IRC network.

Ultimately, you can raise a bug or feature request by opening a new issue. Before opening an issue here, please read this: [[SubmittingBugs]].