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h1. Third Party Tools

Here you can find a list of tools which are provided by the Redmine community. Note that these tools are not officially supported by Redmine so please don't open bugs or feature request about them in this Redmine instance. Instead, try to contact the creators or someone using it on the IRC channel.

h2. Jabber bots

* "Orangutan": a standalone Jabber bot written in Perl that helps track work time [Author: Andriy Lesyuk]

h2. IRC bot plugins

* "Typethink Redmine Linker": a plugin for Eggdrop creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: Rami Kassab for Typethink]
* "RBot Redmine plugin": a plugin for RBot creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: James Turnbull]

h2. IDE integrations

* "Redmine Mylyn Connector": an Eclipse plugin which lets you use Redmine as a task repository for "Mylyn": [Author: Sven Krzyzak]

h2. Authentication plugins

* "HTTP Authentication": Reuse available HTTP Authentication in Redmine.

h2. SVN/GIT client integrations

* "Tortoise Redmine Issues Plugin": a Tortoise SVN/GIT plugin that lets Tortoise read the Redmine issues list ATOM feed to choose issues and associate issues with commit messages. This adds a new button in the Tortoise SVN interface. Works with Tortoise 1.5.x/1.6.x & Redmine trunk (tested in 0.8 + 0.9.2)
** Please Report bugs
** Wiki:

h2. Mercurial (Hg) server integrations

* "HgRedmine Proxy": Proxy": : a "Mercurial (Hg)": Proxy for incorporate Redmine user authentication and permissions, makes Mercurial server use Redmine permission system. It can recognizes all of Redmine's Repository relate permissions.

h2. iPhone App

* "iRedmine": is an App designed for iPhone and iPod touch that provides easy access to Redmine projects on the go.
* The iRedmine source code is available on "GitHub": : git clone git://
* "RedminePro": an iOS App to access Redmine Projects anywhere and anytime by directly interact with the Redmine sites through the Rest API.

h2. Android App

* "RedMiner Droid": is an Android client for RedMine.

h2. Desktop clients

* "Redmine Client": Allows creating issues and logging time spent on them from the desktop. Tested just on Windows and Linux but should work on any platform supported by Mono. Also includes the library usable by other tools aiming to interact with Redmine.

h2. Browser integration

* "Redmine Toolbar": Firefox add-on to increase handling of Redmine projects by providing shortcut buttons to the most important Redmine pages. The source code is available on "GitHub":

h2. Drupal integration

* "Redmine.module": provides a basic API to Redmine for Drupal

h2. Test Case Management

* "TestRail": TestRail is a web-based test case management software to manage, track and organize software testing efforts.
* "Klaros-Testmanagement": The free Community Edition of Klaros-Testmanagement supports the integration with Redmine.
* "PractiTest": PractiTest is a lightweight SaaS QA & Test Management for the enterprise, enables to organize & run tests, link to issues, requirements, and more.