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h1. Third Party Tools


Here you can find a list of tools which are provided by the Redmine community. Note that these tools are not officially supported by Redmine so please don't open bugs or feature request about them in this Redmine instance. Instead, try to contact the creators or someone using it on the IRC channel.

h2. Jabber bots

* "Orangutan": a standalone Jabber bot written in Perl that helps track work time [Author: Andriy Lesyuk]

h2. IRC bot plugins

* "Typethink Redmine Linker": a plugin for Eggdrop creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: Rami Kassab for Typethink]
* "RBot Redmine plugin": a plugin for RBot creating direct links to Redmine issues [Author: James Turnbull]
* "Supybot/Limnoria Redmine plugin": a plugin for Supybot/Limnoria that displays informations and direct links to Redmine issues. [Author: Matthias Meusburger]

h2. IDE integrations

* "Redmine Mylyn Connector": an Eclipse plugin which lets you use Redmine as a task repository for "Mylyn": [Author: Sven Krzyzak]
* "Netbeans Redmine Integration":
* "Netbeans Task Repository":
* "Visual Studio Redmine Task List":

h2. VCS integration

h3. SVN/GIT client integrations

* "Tortoise Redmine Issues Plugin": a Tortoise SVN/GIT plugin that lets Tortoise read the Redmine issues list ATOM feed to choose issues and associate issues with commit messages. This adds a new button in the Tortoise SVN interface. Works with Tortoise 1.5.x/1.6.x & Redmine trunk (tested in 0.8 + 0.9.2)
** Please Report bugs
** Wiki:

h3. TurtoiseSVN

Provides a plugin for Tortoise SVN/GIT/Hg for Redmine issue tracking.
Once this plugin is installed and configured you will have a new button in your TortoiseSVN/GIT/Hg commit window that will give you direct access to a list of Redmine issues that you can select to include in your commit message.

h3. Perforce server integration

* "P4DTG": Engine with GUI that replicates issues and jobs in both directions.

h2. Mobile phone applications

h3. iPhone

* "RedminePM for iPhone": is an iPhone client for Redmine.
* "Rougemine": is THE mobile solution developed by experience users of Redmine ( multiple Redmine account / native designed for both iPhone and iPad... ). More info : Download on
* "iRedmine": is an App designed for iPhone and iPod touch that provides easy access to Redmine projects on the go. The iRedmine source code is available on "GitHub": git clone git://
* "RedminePro": an iOS App to access Redmine Projects anywhere and anytime by directly interact with the Redmine sites through the REST API.
* "RedmineApp - Redmine for iPhone": is a native iPhone client for Redmine. View, create and edit issues, keep track of activities and more...
RedmineApp on the App Store:
* "RedmineR": simple iPhone client for Redmine. Use Redmine on the road via Rest-API
* "BugBranch": iPhone and iPad client for Redmine, JIRA, Trac, Subversion, Mercurial, Git, and more.
* "Redmine Mobile": is an iPhone client for Redmine . You can view, create and edit issues and projects, keep track of activities using Redmine Mobile. It's totally free on App Store( and open-sourced under MIT license on Github(

h3. Android

* "RedminePM for Android": is an Android client for Redmine.
* "RedMiner Droid": is an Android client for Redmine.
* "RedTime": is an Android time tracking app that uses Redmine 1.2 as backend.

h3. Windows Phone

* "Redmine Client": is a client for Redmine.
* "Redmine To Go": - Windows Phone app with offline editing and wiki browser

h2. Desktop clients

* "Redmine Client": Allows creating issues and logging time spent on them from the desktop. Tested just on Windows and Linux but should work on any platform supported by Mono. Also includes the library usable by other tools aiming to interact with Redmine.
* "Redmine Client": : A time logging software, integrated in desktop (windows, mac), enabling to log time in redmine by a single click. Also enables to navigate through issues with direct link for standard web access to issue, projects, versions.
* "Redmine Desktop Client": Allows creating/editing issues and logging time spent on them from the desktop. It is a port of the original "Redmine Client": to use the REST-Api of Redmine 1.1 and up.

h2. Browser integration

h3. Firefox

* "Redmine Toolbar": Firefox add-on to increase handling of Redmine projects by providing shortcut buttons to the most important Redmine pages. The source code is available on "GitHub":

h3. Chrome

** "Redmine Extended":
** "Redmine Issues Checker":
** "Redmine Notification Extension":
** "QuickRedmine":

h2. Drupal integration

* "Redmine.module": provides a basic API to Redmine for Drupal

h2. Test Case Management

* "PractiTest": PractiTest is a lightweight SaaS QA & Test Management solution, enables to organize tests, runs, and requirements. The "Redmine Test Management": plugin is the only integration that supports: automatic creation of issues with test's steps description already in place, *and* reporting back of changes and statuses, for complete reports and traceability (via a designated Redmine plugin).
* "TestRail": TestRail is a web-based test case management software to manage, track and organize software testing efforts.
* "TestLodge": Online test case management tool, allowing you to manage your test plans, test cases and test runs with ease.
* "Klaros-Testmanagement": The free Community Edition of Klaros-Testmanagement supports the integration with Redmine.
* "Test Collab": Test Collab is web based test case management tool with simplest and easy to understand AJAX enabled UI. It offers great features like issue manager integrations, time forecasting, time tracking and in-built reporting. It supports issue manager integration with famous bug tracking tools like JIRA, Redmine, Unfuddle, Mantis, Lighthouse, FogBugz. Test Collab is available in both: SaaS and Self-hosted editions.

h2. Build and release managment

* "Redmine Plugin for Jenkins/Hudson": See and access issues from build job view
* "Maven Redmine Integration":
The plugin has the following goals:
** display-data display some datas from a redmine server.
** generate-changes generates the changes.xml files from issues of the project from a redmine server.
** publish-attachments publish some files as attachment for the version of the project on a redmine server.
** publish-news publish a news for the project on a redmine server.
** generate-email-announcement generates the body of the email to send for a release using issues for the redmine server.
** generate-news-announcement generates the body of the announcement's news to publish for a release using issues for the redmine server.
** update-version update the version of the project (close version) on a redmine server.
next-version creates (if not exists) the version for the project on a redmine server.
** help display help about the plugin (goals, usage).

h2. Reporting

* "Redmine Reports": ready-to-use reports for Redmine and the combit List & Label tool.

h2. API Framework

* "Jredmine": (implements its own redmine plugin and correspodnsing java client - more other/features than redmine rest api)

h2. Conceptual Model

* "Redmine 1.3 Conceptual Model":
UML class diagram displaying Redmine 1.3 concepts and their relatioships, as seen in Administrator's menu