Integration with TortoiseSVN

Added by Konstantin Balashov over 9 years ago

I am investigating the possibility of redmine and can`t to find how to associate/closed tickets during svn commit.
As TortoiseSVN is the most widely used svn client, how to do it using it?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Integration with TortoiseSVN - Added by Karl Heinz Marbaise over 9 years ago


in Redmine Administration you can configure how to react on particular information in the commit message.
The default is "refs,references,IssueID" which are referencing a particular issue and "fixes,closes" are defined
to change the status of a particular issue. So this depends on the configuration of the Redmine instance you are using.
For example a log message containing "fixes #120" will be automatically referencing the issue with number 120
Kind regards.
Karl Heinz Marbaise