Integration with TortoiseSVN

Added by Konstantin Balashov almost 10 years ago

I am investigating the possibility of redmine and can`t to find how to associate/closed tickets during svn commit.
As TortoiseSVN is the most widely used svn client, how to do it using it?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Integration with TortoiseSVN - Added by Karl Heinz Marbaise almost 10 years ago


in Redmine Administration you can configure how to react on particular information in the commit message.
The default is "refs,references,IssueID" which are referencing a particular issue and "fixes,closes" are defined
to change the status of a particular issue. So this depends on the configuration of the Redmine instance you are using.
For example a log message containing "fixes #120" will be automatically referencing the issue with number 120
Kind regards.
Karl Heinz Marbaise