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Added by Jeff Dombach almost 10 years ago


Yesterday I logged in to Redmine on my notebook in the office using a local address. Today, when I went to our externally accessible address with my notebook, I was still logged in.

Does anyone think this is an issue? Is the login authentication stored in a cookie? Should the login expire after x (20-60) minutes without accessing Redmine? It is also troubling to me that I accessed it from two different places and did not have to login again.

Any thoughts?


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RE: Log In - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 10 years ago

This totally depend upon how you configured your redmine and your user account:

  • if you're redmine is still alive since, and stored its session, it can be still valid cookies: you're session is still available
  • if you set at logging "remember me" it could have (but not sure) recreate a session for you automagically.