Advice for doing a major upgrade

Added by N P over 6 years ago

I'm currently running version 0.9.6 of Redmine and I'd like to hop up to the latest version, but of course there's about 5 years of releases between the two. I have the upgrade information in the Wiki, but I was wondering if anyone could provide advice / information on the best way to upgrade. Should I do an staged upgrade for each of the 1.x.x series, so do 0.9 -> 1.0, then 1.0 -> 1.1, etc? Are there any major issues I should be aware of? Thanks!

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RE: Advice for doing a major upgrade - Added by Ivan Cenov over 6 years ago

Take in account the plugins if you have any. They could be not compatible with newer Redmine versions - both with code and with database.

Take in account rails versions. Different Redmine versions work with different rails versions.

Anyway, if this was my task, I would do it very incrementally.