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07:52 Redmine Patch #32147 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Translated labels related to #31879


07:39 Redmine Help: RE: Help getting Redmine 4 running on Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache
You may try to run Redmine without Apache first. Redmine, as a Ruby On Rails application, runs a server usuall...


09:26 Redmine Feature #31983 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Translated strings to Bulgarian language, related to #4221
09:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Delete of comment from Closed ticket leads to deletion of a ticket!!
You would better open an issue with Defect tracker ...


20:04 Redmine Help: RE: GetObjectList error in C# code
It is not the right forum for your question.


08:32 Redmine Help: How to find my postings and comments in forums
How to find my postings and comments in forums? I sought by name and by username and it seems that not all comments a...


09:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: tree view of projects with Redmine 4.x.x ?

> 1, projects tree view
> URL´╝Ühttps://github.com/ichizok/projects_tree_view
There is a branch for Redmine 3.x t...


20:35 Redmine Help: RE: How to restart Redmine
Which version is Redmine?
maybe so:...
19:48 Redmine Open discussion: RE: External links in redmine
It is normal not to be possible to do this. These files are outside the Redmine folder.
You may try to put files in ...
10:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine and OpenProject
OpenProject is commercial, runs on Linux only (this maybe is not a problem), uses only PostgreSQL; they abandoned MyS...

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