How is pass hashed?

Added by AndzinSan Dono almost 7 years ago

Hi, I am working on project and need to know how is redmine hashing the user pass. I want to create new user for redmine everytime when user is registered in my site with same registration info. How can I do that?

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RE: How is pass hashed? - Added by Attila Bujáki almost 7 years ago


Currently it is hashed using salt.

Hash_row = SHA1( salt + SHA1( password ) )

So you compute SHA1 for your password, then concatanate it with salt, stored in the salt row,
then calculate SHA1 again for the whole concatanated string.

The original issue can be found here:

I hope that helped.

I think you should implement this user creating issue using Redmine REST API, this way you can stay
stay database independent. You can find a good description of the API on the site.