Booking times in Redmine

Added by Stephan Schwarzmann 7 months ago

We've got the scenario as described here:


At our company we have the following scenario:

  • We have some projects where a customer orders e.g. 200 hours (a PO = purchase order, assigned to a project)
  • we can spent those 200h on the customer's project and log the time on tickets
  • after the 200h are spent, the customer needs to purchase another time contingent

What I do in the moment is abusing the milestones as follows:

  • I add a milestone and add the contingent e.g. in the name of the milestone: m1: 200h
  • I create tickets and assign them to this milestone
  • I regularly need to check the milestone : settings -> milestone -> Spent time
  • if the spent time approaches 200h...
    • the customer has to issue a new PO (let's assume the customer orders 150h)
    • I create a new milestone, e.g.: m2: 150h
    • I copy all open tickets which are assigned to the milestone m1 and assign the copies to m2
    • I close all of the original tickets (still assigned to the milestone m1) so nobody logs accidentally more time to the wrong milestone

This is pretty awkward.

So for us it would be great to have a feature where this can be accomplished with a dedicated functionality.
Ideally we'd get an alarm if the spent time on a PO is approached (maybe variable setting, e.g. 10 hours)


  • a PO is assigned to a project
  • a ticket can be related to several POs of the project
  • one of the related POs has to be selected to be the active PO where the hours are booked
  • if the set contingent of a PO is reached and a user tries to log time to a ticket where this PO is set as active PO, he gets an error message to use a new PO

Are there any approaches to deal with this problem in Redmine?


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RE: Booking times in Redmine - Added by Andreas Schnöppl 7 months ago

Create a custom field for booking times. Type Version; only open versions.
As a Workaround?

RE: Booking times in Redmine - Added by Stephan Schwarzmann 7 months ago

I'm not in charge of maintaining our Redmine and thus don't know much about those options (add new fields etc). But I could suggest our IT to incorporate such a change, i.e. a

  • new field "PO" (= purchase order)
  • set up PO_001, PO_002, PO_003...

So this workaround would "free" our "milestone" fields.

  • The new field would need to include the information how many hours the PO comprises
  • And we'd need a way to see how many hours have been booked on tickets which are related to the "PO" = PO_001, PO_002

That's why we use "milestones" in the moment: we can easily see how many hours have been booked to all tickets which are assigned to a specific milestone.

What do you mean with "only open versions" ?

RE: Booking times in Redmine - Added by Andreas Schnöppl 7 months ago

I did not try it but as far as I saw you can set this field up to be a list of open Milestones.
So you might get rid of copying your tickets.