Create time entry with custom fields via API

Added by Stanley Rogasik 5 months ago


I'm having trouble creating a time entry via API.
The time entry have few custom fields. I've tried XML and JSON. It still reports that the custom fields are not set.
Here's my body:

    <comments>time entry comment</comments>
    <custom_fields type="array">
        <custom_field id="36">

Response from redmine:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<errors type="array">
    <error>Typ dniówki nie może być puste</error>
    <error>Projekt nie może być puste</error>
    <error>Projekt jest nieprawidłowe</error>
    <error>Zagadnienie nie może być puste</error>

I tried everything and it seems that there's not so much alike problems.
Could anybody help me? Or at least show me it's body?