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Added by Noam Lampert over 9 years ago


Is there a redmine API I can use to access the issues database?

I would like to write a program that accesses the issues database (read and write access, also for custom fields) in order to perform non-interactive manipulations and/or statistics on the issues.
For instance, I would like to send a daily mail to management with statistics on the last day's activity.
Another example: I would like to send a mail to management every time a critical bug is opened. I would also like to mark the bug so that a mail is not sent twice for the same bug.

Any help is appreciated.


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RE: Programatic access - Added by Thomas Löber over 9 years ago

You can access your database directly and use SQL to query and update your data. This will bypass any validations that are usually done by Redmine. So I won't recommend this approach.

Or you can use "ruby script/runner FILENAME" and start a Ruby script which can use the Redmine model classes. For example (not tested):

user = User.find_by_login("admin")
user.mail = ""!

Your second example is more complicated because you will need to override controller actions. This can be done inside a plugin, however.