Adding new features for CKEditor plugin

Added by Benjamin FRAUD about 8 years ago


I installed the CKEditor plugin designed by Akihiro Ono, and it works fine. But now, I'm trying to simply add a button to the toolbar, and I'm not talking about the function it is supposed to handle, well not yet at least.
The thing is, this plugin looks very heavy, I really don't know which files I need to modify. So far, I managed to add the item in the configuration view, but when I add it to the editor, nothing changes, the toolbar stays the same.

Do you have any idea of the way to add something to the toolbar?

PS: I saw that the file assets/javascripts/ckeditor.js needs somehow to be modified in order to add an item properly. The thing is there is no indentation whatsoever in the file, so I get a huge block of javascript code and I can't see a thing.