Creation of a new plugin : Undefined method

Added by Cédric Bertrand about 8 years ago

Hello everybody

I searched a lot on the different topic of the forums but I didn't found any answer to my question.

I want to create a plugin which one part of its operation recover all the projects name and after clicking on one of those the user can see all the issues that correspond to that project with the informations attached to these issues (exactly like Redmine do). I succeed (for recovering the projects and with few hours of works I would find how to recover issues).

However I worked on Redmine 0.9.6 and then I tried my plugin on Redmine 0.8.4 and it doesn't works.

If used some parts of others plugins to create mine and if I have correctly understand the code some methods used in the Redmine code can be utilized in plugins. For example I use the options_for_period_select that permit to the user to choose what period he wants to select (Today, last week, ...).
In the version 0.9.6 when I call this function there is no problem, it works, but in the version 0.8.4 it doesn't works : the method options_for_period_select is undefined.

I looked at the code of the timesheet plugin and the options_for_period_select is used (without being declared).
I tried to use the same configuration that the timesheet pluging ans it still doesn't works.

Can somebody help me for this problem ?
Thank you for your help.

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RE: Creation of a new plugin : Undefined method - Added by Felix Schäfer about 8 years ago

Well, you should be working to make a plugin for 0.8.4 if you need it for that version, it will be very hard to backport everything you need. I'd really recommend you update your redmine though.