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Added by Chris OShea over 9 years ago


i have a wordpress site where there are multiple users that login to post on the blog. I also have remine on a sub-domain so that people can manage their projects.

1) unfortunately this means having two user logins, one for wordpress and one for redmine. Is there a way of possibly doing user login authentication through an external script? So a wordpress user is linked to a redmine account, when they login to wordpress they are automatically loggged into redmine? Or any other sort of wordpress integration?

2) if the above isn't possible, I'd like to simply link a redmine account to a wordpress account, then on the wordpress userpage it would show a list of their projects and link to the redmine pages. Is there an api so I can do this, or should I just write a script to lookup the data direct from the database?


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RE: wordpress integration - Added by Brad Beattie over 9 years ago

There are a number of problems when you're looking at integrating two code bases with any degree of tightness. Synced accounts requires some notion of model parity (further detailed here), which you're not going to get easily.

  • Use the Redmine blog plugin that was recently released and keep it all in Redmine
  • Develop (or find, if possible) a plugin for WordPress that provides some kind of project management
  • Reduce your requirements such that OpenID will suffice

For the last option, you'd be able to knowingly link two accounts by shared login information, but you'd still lack the necessary API to grab the required data. You could do it directly via the database, but that's far from ideal.

RE: wordpress integration - Added by Shane Pearlman over 9 years ago

While this isn't the perfect answer, both systems have LDAP integration, which gives you the standardized login api.