Deleting plugin

Added by Sylviane A about 9 years ago


I would like to know if it is possible to delete completely a plugin in Redmine.
I installed Redmine 0.8.4, ; the plugins Files and Documents cause a big confusion for my users. So I decided to delete Files plugin for keeping only Documents plugin. but I don't know how can I proceed.
Someone can help me?

I know how deselect a plugin from Configuration -> Modules -> etc.
My need is to remove this plugins as option from all projects in the installation files.


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RE: Deleting plugin - Added by Ammler _ about 9 years ago

Move the plugin out from vendors/plugin (or delete it).

RE: Deleting plugin - Added by Eric Davis about 9 years ago

The Files and Documents modules are part of the Redmine core so you cannot remove them. Just don't enable the Files modules for your projects.

Eric Davis